RDC Aqualines is the design bureau specialized in the research and development of the new solution for high-speed water transport. All the products presented below are in the different stages of development and thus not yet available for the commercial procurement.

However, your any inquiries are highly appreciated and will be taken into consideration both in the technical development and for the attraction of the necessary investments. Please contact our back office or one of our partner-agents around the globe in case of any inquiry about the development of the WIG craft or a hydrofoil vessel.

EP-15 multipurpose marine ekranoplan

The idea and conceptual parameters of the EP-15 multipurpose marine ekranoplan were inspired by dozens of inquiries from the potential operators around the world who consider procurement of this particular craft for the commercial usage.

The prospective product is going to be designed as the multi-purpose WIG platform (max speed 200 kmh, 12 - 25 person capacity) that may be applied for different transport tasks:

  • passenger and cargo transportation
  • search and rescue on water
  • patrol and security on the water

The dimensions, passenger capacity, technical characteristics of this WIG craft are balanced following the major factors that determine the market success: customers inquiries about their transport tasks and desired features, existing certification requirements and operational regulations, the economic efficiency of the product usage.

The project presumes the consequent development, prototyping, manufacturing, and operators support for the proposed transport solution. For the details of the project, please see the preliminary Action plan of the necessary procedures with the estimated budget and the time-frame.

We have prepared the preliminary calculations of the key financial indicators of the project. Please see the draft economic model of the project.

The potential market is worldwide water transport industry. Please proceed to the Geography section for more information about the areas for the product application.

The preliminary analysis of the economic efficiency of the product allows concluding that the product has the favorable market niche between ships and aircraft. Please proceed to the Economics section for more information about the comparative analysis of the competitiveness of WIG craft and other transport solutions.

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action plan
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economic model
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Other WIG projects

We receive inquiries from the potential operators regarding the WIG craft of more significant capacity (50, 100, 150 seats). The development of 50 - 150 pax WIG is definitely in the scope of our interests as it’s the logical continuation of our current activities. Moreover, there are several benefits of the bigger WIG:

Economic efficiency. The experience of many ferry operators in different regions shows that the vessels with 50 seats capacity or more are significantly more profitable for the commercial use that the smaller ships;

Operational spectrum. The bigger displacement will more likely ensure safe operation in the wavy sea conditions which are necessary for the real application for passenger transport. For the same reasons the craft will be operable on higher waves (about 1,5 - 2 meters), which will enlarge the scope of possible route lines;

Speed. This will also cause the increasing of the cruising speed (at least over 250 kmh) what is also essential for the 150 - 300 nm journey.

Please see the RDC Aqualines catalogue to explore the options of the 50 -300 seater WIG craft to be developed.

The particular area of the WIG design application is the development of the unmanned surface vehicles on the WIG base. RDC Aqualines elaboreted the introductory design solution for such type of vehicles.

Our team also accept orders for development and construction of the customized WIG craft for private usage (leisure, watersport, tourism, etc.) These projects are available for the personal customization and design adaptation regarding usage regarding safety, control systems, certification requirements and other points.

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technical proposal
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Hydrofoil vessels

RDC Aqualines team has the expertise, network of professional contacts and required facilities to work on other rapid marine transport solutions such as hydrofoil boats. Currently we are working on two projects:


That is an agile speedboat (6 persons, 75 - 90 kmh) that can move in hard sea conditions (waves)

The essential thing about this project is the passenger comfort and operational agility. This boat was initially designed for the hotel shuttle service in EU, so it combines:

  • speed (up to 90 kmh if needed);
  • low costs of operation (size, certification requirements, fuel consumption);
  • considerably higher level of comfort for the passengers on the wavy sea conditions (up to 2 meters high waves).

If neccessary the design may be altered to increase the passenger capacity or ther characteristics. Please see the detailed information about the SeaSpire project.


This 25-passenger boat based on the retractable sea foils concept. The unique features of this projects are:

  • Speed (up to 100 kmh)
  • Operable in the shallow waters
  • No requirements for infrastructure

Our team also accept orders for development and construction of the customized hydrofoil boats.

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